SOAR is a broad coalition of local business owners, community leaders and Anaheim residents. Its mission is to educate area residents about the Resort District and the critical services it funds such as police, fire, and paramedics.

SOAR has an active and committed Advisory Board comprised of former elected officials, homeowner association members and business leaders representing all regions of Anaheim.

Through community events, the coalition seeks to educate and engage residents in future of the Resort District.

SOAR also has a political action committee, SOAR PAC, to support candidates that align with the business- and visitor-friendly district.

Founded in 2007, SOAR was created to protect the Anaheim Resort District — Anaheim’s economic engine.

At the time, the Resort District was seriously threatened by a plan to build high density housing within the district, which would have damaged its ability to grow, create jobs, generate tax revenue and provide visitors a true resort experience.

In response, a broad coalition of more than 10,000 Anaheim residents came together to use their combined influence to preserve and protect the Anaheim Resort District.

Today, SOAR continues to protect the Resort District and promote business and tourism growth in order to ensure sufficient funding for vital city services.

Anaheim leaders created the Anaheim Resort District in 1994, dedicating the area to tax-generating, visitor-friendly businesses. Land within the Resort District is limited to tourism-friendly uses such as theme parks, hotels, restaurants, and convention facilities. Representing less than five percent of Anaheim’s land, the Resort District generates 50 percent of our City’s tax revenues.


The Anaheim Resort District by the Numbers
5% of the city’s land, the Anaheim Resort District generates more than 50% of the city’s tax revenue

$77 million in tax revenue for Anaheim in 2009—the Resort District’s visitors help fund vital services like police and fire protection

160,000 jobs directly and indirectly supported by the tourism industry in Orange County

106 businesses provide millions of dollars to maintain landscaping and beautification in the Anaheim Resort District

17.6 million visitors from around the world come to Anaheim—helping contribute to our city’s tax base

$7.1 billion was spent in Orange County by 42.7 million domestic and international travelers in 2009

The 6th largest convention destination in the nation, the Anaheim Convention Center also helps to attract $938 million of spending in Orange County