Anaheim’s Economic Engine

The Resort District is the economic engine of Anaheim. With hundreds of businesses, thousands of employees, and millions of annual visitors, the Resort District benefit everyone in the city of Anaheim. The Resort District takes up less than 5% of Anaheim’s land, yet contributes 50% of the cities revenue. Funding from the resort district goes to public safety, park upkeep, street repair, neighborhood improvements, and maintaining Anaheim’s high quality of life.

More Tax Revenue for Our Neighborhoods

The resort district provides an $81.6 million net benefit to the City of Anaheim.

That surplus grew by 16% from last fiscal year to the current one, netting an additional $11 million dollars for the city.

That new revenue paid for:

  • $2 million to hire 10 new police officers;
  • $5 million to build a new fire station;
  • …and millions of dollars worth of upgrades to streets, roads, and pathways.

Additionally, revenue from the resort pays for:

  • 239,000+ public safety calls
  • 57 parks
  • 10 libraries
  • 10 community centers
  • 11 fires stations

(2016/17 FY budget)

Visitors Pay and Residents Save

17.6 million visitors come to Anaheim from around the world and stimulate the local economy, allowing Anaheim residents to have:

  • Water rates 10-20% lower than other places in OC
  • Power rates 5-20% cheaper than other OC cities
  • No utility tax imposed on water and power

 (2017-18 Budget, Page 39)

Jobs and Economic Input

160,000 jobs are either in or directly supported by the Orange County tourism industry

100+ businesses are located in the Anaheim Resort District